Listed in alphabetical order

Associate Professor Deb Agnew

Episode 7 – Athlete transition from sport and the struggle surrounding retirement

Dr Hunter Bennett

Episode 29 – Concussion in Sports

Nicole Calder

Episode 22 – Motivation in Sport

Kimberley Conte and Michael Carter

Episode 28 – Women’s FIFA World Cup: Empowering Community Sport

Professor Jean Cote

Episode 31 – Coach Leadership in Sport

Shannon Dowling

Episode 11 – Community sport as a site for violence prevention and education

Professor Murray Drummond

Episode 12 – Girls and Young Women in Sport

Episode 4 – Mental Health in Sport

Professor Richard Keegan

Episode 30 – A Motivational Climate

Velvet Klass

Episode 23 – Sport and the menstrual cycle

Professor Camilla Knight

Episode 32 – Parenting and Sport

Bronwyn Klei

Episode 18 – 12 tips for life as a sport parent

Catherine Litchfield

Episode 10 – Women’s sport, injury and social support

Daniel Menzel

Episode 21 – Mental Toughness & Resilience

Ashley Montero

Episode 13 – Sleep, Mental Health and Retirement

Assocoiate Professor Amber Mosewich

Episode 26 – Self-Compassion & Well-being

Emilea Mysko

Episode 24 – Preschool aged children and competitive sport

Kayleigh O’Donnell

Episode 14 – Developing relationship between parents and coaches

Associate Professor Shane Pill

Episode 3 – Coach developers: what, why and when

Craig Scott

Episode 15 – What makes Goodwood ‘good?’

Sally Underdown

Episode 17 – Making community sport safer

Dr Kym Williams

Episode 27 – Talent Identification & Development


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